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    Black Girl Magik welcomes all self-identifying women of the African diaspora on a voyage of self-realization and self-love to contribute to “Our Stories.” Our editorial themes provide a means for us to spend time meditating on a topic, in order to focus on healing. We review submissions on a rolling basis in conjunction with our current or upcoming theme.

    submission guidelines


    e.g. photo journal, visual poem, mixed media

    Format: High resolution .jpeg(s)


    e.g. experiences within the African Diaspora, journal, current events, reviews

    Format: Word.doc, .docx
    Length: between 600 to 1000 words (with the exception of poetry)


    e.g. music video, narrative and documentary-style piece, conceptual art video, short film

    Format: .mov, mp4, YouTube/Vimeo link


    e.g. voice note, reflection, affirmation, free-written, song

    Format: .mp3, YouTube/Vimeo link

    pitch your idea

    We accept pitches first:
    Pitches should be 100 - 200 word descriptions on the who, what, why or how of your piece, with a working title. Once pitch is approved, you will be given 1 week to send your final draft to BGM editorial.