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    BGM × Innovative Aesthetics Additional Programming

    Additional Programming

    Date & Time
    June 24, 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Junior High
    5656 Hollywood Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90028 United States
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    This screening will be in discussion with Michelle Patterson, founder of Innovate Aesthetics.

    Poetic License: Where are the African Gods?

    Lyricist Abbey Lincoln’s words are brought to life in this meditative portrait of black masculinity.

    A moving recording of the late writer and renowned jazz singer Abbey Lincoln is captured in this new film from Brooklyn-born director Rodney Passé, who has previously worked with powerhouse music video director Khalil Joseph. Reading from her own works, Lincoln’s voice sets the tone for a film that explores the African American experience through fathers and their sons.

    “The film movingly captures moments from the perspective of African American men and their sons”

    “Abbey Lincoln’s poem is a chilling reminder of black society’s struggle with self-image,” explains Passé. Speaking of the film’s experiment with spoken-word and music, the filmmaker continues: “The arrangement is heart-felt, capturing moments from the perspective of African American men and their sons, while celebrating the essence of black culture and honouring its significance in today’s society.”

    This event is part of Returning Home, a theme that the Black Girl Magik collective explored and invited the community to investigate with us through a practice of communal healing and coalition building.

    Reclaiming Pleasure

    "Reclaiming Pleasure" is the assertion of sexual power, alongside a period of recovery. It is a Black woman finding strength in her sensuality and grounding autonomy in the realms of pleasure and desire. It is the rejection of standards set on our ancestors and the distinction between agency and objectification.

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    Reclaiming Pleasure
    Returning Home

    Returning Home

    “Returning Home” is an exploration back to lands, rituals and traditions that we have always known. It is voyaging and feeling at home as soon as you step foot on the ground. It is hearing music and your soul perceiving the frequencies. It is seeing a familiar face and knowing that somehow you have met before. “Returning Home” is a return to self.

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