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    June 15
    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm
    Welcome to Junior High
    5656 Hollywood Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90028 United States
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    BGM × Welcome to Junior High

    about the event

    The Our Stories: Returning Home show at Welcome To Junior High will be a curation of work by and for black women throughout the diaspora. Maintaining BGM’s seasonal theme, this show will be centered around the idea of Returning Home. This show will need an opening with light refreshments, musical performance, film screenings, and performance art.

    Theme Description: “Returning Home” is an exploration back to lands, rituals and traditions that we have always known. It is voyaging and feeling at home as soon as you step foot on the ground. It is hearing music and your soul perceiving the frequencies. It is seeing a familiar face and knowing that somehow you have met before. “Returning Home” is a return to self.