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    A segment created for inclusion, community, and catharsis, "Our Stories" is where we can come to share stories and relate to the experiences that are within us all. We aim for this space to remain a venue of healing for both the storyteller and her audience.

    Returning Home — Vol. II


    Rebecca KellyG

    A physical exploration of how the bodies of women of the African Diaspora in the US hold both trauma and the power of healing.

    Returning Home — Vol. II

    I Gave Myself Space To Go Back…Pt. II

    Yetunde Olagbaju

    It is a slowed moment where our past, present, and future self are on this earthly plane.

    Returning Home — Vol. II

    Home Is Where My Bones Live

    Déjà Baptiste

    Returning Home — Vol. II

    Travel Back in Time with Kimee

    Kimee Brown

    A short film by Travel with Kimee.

    Returning Home — Vol. I

    My Journey: Jamaica

    Mecca Williams

    As I hide under a soft cotton blanket from the vicious mosquitoes that attacked me the night before, it’s my first physical reminder I made it to Jamaica.

    Returning Home — Vol. I

    Reflective Confrontation

    Zainab Aliyu

    Dissecting the friction between dislocation and descent at the intersection of diaspora, identity and vulnerability.

    Returning Home — Vol. I


    Malikah McHerrin-Cobb

    This performance art piece defies what it means to know your identity. How do we get back to the basics of how we define women, and how do we build and create them?

    Returning Home — Vol. I

    Black In Tokyo

    Amarachi Nwosu

    Exposing people around the world to the black foreign experience of living in a homogenous country and examining the dichotomy between the preservation of personal customs while adopting Japanese traditions.

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