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    vol. i

    Returning Home

    โ€” vol. i

    A deep look into influencers of our identities and how we define ourselves for ourselves.


    Video ยท May 5, 2018

    Black Grls

    This short is a sweet bit of medicine for Black women and girls who are in need of a reminder of their sacredness.

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    As told by

    Chinasa Porter

    Chinasa Porter is an Oakland raised, Paris based design student, performative/written storyteller and community activist. Her activism and art both exist solely to inspire and uplift young people to look beyond the lens of colonialism and fear into a larger understanding of who they are and where they came from through both spiritual and performative practices. How do we use the vast knowledge of our elders and ancestors as tools for liberation? Chinasa is the co-founder of WombinRising, an online and offline platform that aims to inspire young people to express their creative power and heal generational wounds through various forms of art and activism.