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    Vol. iii

    Returning Home

    โ€” vol. iii

    From which we came and how we have kept ourselves grounded.


    Video ยท June 24, 2018

    Black In Tokyo

    Black in Tokyo was created with the intention of exposing people around the world to the black foreign experience of living in a homogenous country. Directed by Nigerian-American artist Amarachi Nwosu, the film follows five subjects, with origins ranging from West Africa to the U.S., narrating the different cultural challenges and opportunities of living in Tokyo. The 10min documentary examines the dichotomy between the preservation of personal customs while adopting Japanese traditions.

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    As told by

    Amarachi Nwosu

    Amarachi Nwosu is a Nigerian-American self-taught photographer, filmmaker and writer. With a background in International Communication, she has worked with a number of brands, organizations and companies in Lagos, Tokyo, New York, London and Los Angeles. As a writer for platforms like Highsnobiety and Okayafrica, Amarachi is dedicated to telling unique stories that bring identity and culture to light. Her work has been featured on platforms like CNN Africa and she has worked on documentary projects with VICE Japan. Amarachi has also produced and shot social campaigns for Adidas Tokyo that featured the first woman of color on their Instagram page. Her passion for giving back has allowed her to work on projects with London based women's rights group Equality Now and also be an ambassador for D&AD in New York and Princeton University's race relations. Currently, she is working on a number of documentary projects between Lagos, Nigeria and New York and plans to curate panels and exhibitions throughout the year.