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    vol. ii

    Returning Home

    — vol. ii

    The phenomenon of what we experience over many moments during this lifetime and the next.


    Audio · May 27, 2018

    Home Is Where My Bones Live

    When we are displaced, it is difficult to retrace our steps back to a place or a feeling of "home." Whether by nations separating us at borders; loved ones denying our right to live and express fully as ourselves; or simply displaced from our sense of peace and wellness at our core by actions taken in a world that would see us broken.

    We can use our ancestry, our ties to the past--when we know them--to try to root us in what was. We can imagine a future, a reality where we fight for love and liberation and community. We can seek out a tribe of like minds and hearts in the now and recreate what was lost, in the present.

    Our search for home is a longing not just for what could have been. It is our reclaiming of the past, our embracing of the present, and our bold claim to bridge between what should have been and what is possible in order to create the future our ancestors paid for...that we are paying for. Home is not a destination; home is where our bones live.

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    As told by

    Déjà Baptiste

    Déjà Baptiste is the creator and host of The Déjà Speaks and a contributor at Black Witch Chronicles. She is an artist and healer by way of Cap-Haitïen, Haïti and Miami Gardens, FL. When she is not speaking or performing, Déjà is an intimacy specialist, performs oracle readings and offers intuitive guidance, practices as a makeup artist, and loves any opportunity to be near water.

    This story is part of Returning Home, a theme that the Black Girl Magik collective explored and invited the community to investigate with us through a practice of communal healing and coalition building.

    Reclaiming Pleasure

    "Reclaiming Pleasure" is the assertion of sexual power, alongside a period of recovery. It is a Black woman finding strength in her sensuality and grounding autonomy in the realms of pleasure and desire. It is the rejection of standards set on our ancestors and the distinction between agency and objectification.

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    Reclaiming Pleasure
    Returning Home

    Returning Home

    “Returning Home” is an exploration back to lands, rituals and traditions that we have always known. It is voyaging and feeling at home as soon as you step foot on the ground. It is hearing music and your soul perceiving the frequencies. It is seeing a familiar face and knowing that somehow you have met before. “Returning Home” is a return to self.

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    Reclaiming Pleasure
    Returning Home