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    vol. ii

    Returning Home

    — vol. ii

    The phenomenon of what we experience over many moments during this lifetime and the next.


    Video · May 27, 2018


    Returning, unbecoming, becoming. Healing isn’t linear. How can I listen to the names of the people who came before me? Can I feel them? Are they speaking? Am I listening? Healing isn’t. Are they reaching? Linear. Was that it?

    There was a time that my body was greeted by the sun and wrapped in abundance-lush, loved. Healing. My form, my family, fractured and spread. Planted. Growing against the wind and with the wind. Linear? I reach, swaying limbs of our tree, for my sisters, for myself, for my healing isn’t linear. For my rest. To put this down. To take this up. To wear it, to flaunt it. Have it for my own, for our own. For us. For me. Returning home. For we.

    This conceptual art video represents my path to my first home, myself. It describes how a connection to the community can cultivate self-love, reveal lost history, and generate a process for gentle self-creation. This visual piece is a part of a more significant movement and optical performance called Inheritance- a physical exploration of how the bodies of women of the African Diaspora in the US hold both trauma and the power of healing.


    Rebecca KellyG conceived this video.

    The women featured in the video:
    Rebecca KellyG @rebeccakelly_g creator of @blackabundancebk, Aimee Chambers-McKay @chambermusick, and Crysta Bloom @thebloomsisterhoodsociety.

    Director, choreographer, stylist: Rebecca KellyG
    Video by: Electrick Blanket Films, Greg Thompson

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    As told by

    Rebecca KellyG

    Rebecca KellyG is a Brooklyn-based artist, facilitator, and creator of Black Abundabce BK, a platform celebrating Black life in Brooklyn. She is committed to creating work that bridges the perceived gap of art and activism, and her background as a former civil rights attorney and theatre practitioner give her a unique foundation for this work. In addition to her freelance facilitation practice and artistry, she is an Adjunct Professor at Wagner College where she was awarded The Diversity and International Action Council Award for Diversity and Inclusion for her course Race, the Arts, and Activism. She was also recently selected as a 2018 Create Change Artist Fellow with The Laundromat Project.