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    vol. ii

    Returning Home

    — vol. ii

    The phenomenon of what we experience over many moments during this lifetime and the next.


    Video · May 27, 2018

    Travel Back in Time with Kimee

    Cuba is place where time is frozen, a place where time stopped decades ago. Cuba is unique in that way. I took this time to detach myself from the world and to really tap into the experience. Thanks to my muses, the fly chicas, detaching myself from the outside world and focusing on my experience was far easier to do than I imagined. I’m usually always in anticipation of the next move but in cuba, that type of energy isn't welcomed due to their easy does it vibe. The one thing I took from cuba is everywhere black people are the same. The migos' 'bad and boujee' clip is the perfect example of this.

    Thank you Cuba, you're such a vibrant thing.

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    As told by

    Kimee Brown

    Kimee Brown, founder of Travel W+ Kimee, has seamlessly evolved into the contemporary guru for unconventional travel. She has translated an innate passion for exploration coupled with researched insight on unique destinations, hotels, and unique excursions into unparalleled global experiences for her traveling friends.