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    An intimate sit-down with artists, makers, creators, authors, designers and more. Here we will chat over their craft, society and navigation of life. This peek into their lives, homes and studios will be a reminder of our light and humanity as women across the diaspora.

    Dancer and Designer

    Nana Yaa, in her Los Angeles home

    on Healing, Liberation

    Artist and Designer

    Mengly Hernandez, in her Washington Heights Studio

    on Roots, Self, Upbringing


    Joyce Wrice, At home in Los Angeles

    on Self, Spirituality, Time


    Michelle Patterson, in her Los Angeles home

    on Mentorship, Self


    Charlotte Dos Santos, in her brooklyn apartment

    on Community, Mentorship, Self, Upbringing


    Nakaya, At home in New York

    on Love, Self Care, Upbringing


    Aziza Nicole, in her new york studio

    on Community, Roots, Self

    Artist and Actress

    Trae Harris, in her bed-stuy apartment

    on Growth, Mentorship, Self

    Educator, Writer, and Visual Artist

    Elise Peterson, in her bed-stuy home

    on Mental Health, Self, Sexuality

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