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    on Future, Past, Present

    April 22, 2019 Interviews

    Transcending Time with the practitioner in her Berkeley Hills home

    In showing up completely as herself self, Maryam Hasnaa is a light and a vessel for divine love and truth. As a practitioner, she carries an arsenal of tools rooted in plant medicine and sound healing that she shares and practices with those who seek her intuitive guidance. In merging her creative gifts with a divine call, she has launched Resonance Apothecary, New Earth Mystery School and is now birthing The Garden of the Beloved, a flower themed retreat sanctuary in Africa. Hasnaa’s journey reminds us that in embodying our divine call we can be our authentic, multidimensional self.

    With Brittany Josephina
    Photographed by Carolina Salazar

    Who are you in three words?

    I AM.

    What is your greatest love?

    I am in love with the Source of life, in all forms. What some refer to as God, the Divine, Source, Creator and so many other names. I am madly in love with the miracle of life itself and the profundity of this universe, which goes beyond what our minds can even comprehend.

    On On Past

    Your words have been validating to thousands of people. Resonance Apothecary has nourished and supported the hearts, bodies and minds of many. Moreover, your online school, New Earth Mystery School, is a hub for community, consciousness and alchemy. What’s brought you towards doing your work more intently over the past few years?

    I have always been doing this work in some form, even when I was a child. In the past few years it has been shown to me through visions, dreams, signs and omens, that we are indeed in a time of great transformation of the human collective experience. So both the realization of my divine calling and the desire to be in service, brought me to be more public and accessible with my medicine.

    On Present

    How would you define your personal mission?

    In its most simple form my mission is just to show up as myself. How that takes form is different at times depending on what is needed. I am a vessel and a conduit. Most often I am here as a prophetess of divine love and truth. Very often my message is meant to catalyze and awaken. It’s fun and necessary but not always easy.

    As a practitioner, what are the modalities that you utilize?

    In my personal arsenal I rely heavily on plant medicine and sound healing. I focus on frequency management and energy self mastery. There are countless modalities that I am trained in but hypnosis, meditation and creative visualization are essentials. I love EFT, NLP and muscle testing. My niche, I guess you could say, is mentoring healers, sensitives and extra sensories. I find these clients require techniques that can support fine tuning. Which is why sound and plants are such powerful allies.

    I love how you discuss how we all have the ability to change our frequency and tune into a new channel. Can you expand on how this is done?

    I think the easiest way to explain this is by having you do it. Close your eyes, center yourself fully in your body by taking a few deep breaths and focus on the word, relaxation. Think of someone who you can totally be yourself with. Imagine them in your minds eye and picture them standing in front of you. Look at their face. See them smiling at you. And just notice how you feel. Stay with this image until you feel them actually with you. What emotions come up when you do this exercise? Usually pretty immediately you can feel your body’s physiology shift, your heart rate slows but also you feel more open and safe. You let your guard down. Notice how nothing actually has changed in the outside environment or your life circumstance but still your energy has shifted. Imagine if you trained yourself to be able to do this with your energy more quickly and in any situation in life. What if you learned how to come back to this home frequency at any item. That’s what my work is.

    What frequency are you tuned into as of late?

    Lately I’ve been vibrating on the frequency of fun.

    On Future

    This year you’re opening a flower themed sanctuary retreat center, boutique hotel and spa in the Medina of Sousse, Tunisia. Can you tell us about The Garden of the Beloved?

    The Garden of the Beloved is my version of a heart break hotel. I had this vision over ten years ago and when a dear friend approached me about creating a healing center in North Africa, I recognized the forces of destiny at play. Sufis are the masters of the heart, so we will be offering ancient techniques from my own mystical tradition. The reference to the Garden of Eden (paradise) runs throughout all of my teachings because my magic has always been about creating heaven on Earth. We will be focused on food, treatments and other offerings that are inspired by flowers and other plants associated with paradise. It will be a whole reset for the nervous system, especially for Sensitives.

    I'm deeply connected to the beauty and healing flowers hold. What are your personal favorite flowers at this time and why?

    As a flower priestess, I have my favorite plants and then I have the plants that have come to me as teachers and mentors. I will name one of each for the sake of this conversation. Rose is the queen of the garden. She represents all that is unapologetically beautiful, bold, mysterious and mystical. I work with her in all forms. In waters, skin care, internal medicine, body care, spiritual baths, essential oils for aromatherapy and holy waters. Lately I’ve been putting rose honey on everything. And of course I keep petals of her in bowls around the house to balance the energy. One of my greatest plant teachers on the other hand, is yarrow. She came to me in a dream first as many plant spirit teachers do. I began to work with her to prepare and fortify my aura and to learn energetic shielding. She is an extremely powerful ally for those who experience psychic disturbances. I could name so many more but I will stop there.

    Let’s have a little fun. If you weren’t doing the delicious work you do, what other adventure would you choose to explore?

    If I wasn't doing this I would be doing stand up comedy. I find it funny that people consider me a spiritual teacher. That’s like the running joke with me and my friends. I get that as a medium my messages can seem pretty stoic but I’m not. When I'm being my most authentic self, I’m just making people laugh. Everything else that I have ever desired to do in life, I'm already doing it currently or its happening pretty soon.

    When you hear the words Black Girl Magik, what does it make you think?

    It makes me think about young powerful women finding their own voice in a sea of noise, maybe for the first time. It feels sweet and distinguished but not necessarily radical. It just feels on purpose and on time. The word that comes to mind is, finally.

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    This conversation is part of Transcending Time, a theme that the Black Girl Magik collective explored and invited the community to investigate with us through a practice of communal healing and coalition building.

    Transcending Time

    “Transcending Time” is a voyage into a future where Black identity is unfettered by a predetermined architecture. It is a visualization exercise exploring the texture, pattern, sound and rhythm of Black possibility. Who do we become when healing from trauma is decentralized? We are creating a ceremony of self-authorization. We are giving ourselves permission to reimagine what was, what is and what can be.

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