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    Junior High
    5656 Hollywood Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90028 United States
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    BGM × Stephanie Leah
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    As part of "Our Stories: Returning Home" we will be hosting workshops.

    Breathwork Meditation is a three-part breathing technique rooted in Pranayama Yoga. Through the meditation, you will be invited to lower your ego's chatter and sink into a different state of consciousness, the consciousness of deep self-love and compassion.

    You will be lying down while music is playing and will be guided on how to breathe and quiet the mind. Each Breathwork session is unique to each individual. Most participants experience a deep state of relaxation, a release of emotional and mental blocks, a sense of being one with spirit/god, clarity around one's life and their purpose. It is an experience of inspiration and upliftment.

    ***Bring yoga mat or blanket.

    Two Sessions:

    • 11 - 12PM
    • 3 - 4PM

    with Stephanie Leah

    Stephanie Leah is an Ecosattva. She guides people through experiencing the true nature of who they are and how they can use that true nature to connect with others and mother earth. Stephanie has a broad grasp of conscious living, which includes learning how to truly listen to ourselves, moving our energetic centers so that we can arrive at a higher frequency of being, and transforming our ecological behaviors into responsible responses to our planetary crisis. Her offers of exchange are private listening sessions, guided breathwork meditation, and eco-conscious coaching.