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    June 16
    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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    Junior High
    5656 Hollywood Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90028 United States
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    BGM × Synmia Rosine
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    As part of "Our Stories: Returning Home" we will be hosting workshops.

    Photo by Carolina Salazar

    Workshop focused on ancestral practices and herbs that can help return one home, within self if nothing else. Meditation and tea are a definite.

    with Synmia Rosine

    Synmia Rosine is an herbalist living in Idyllwild, CA.  She happened upon the healing powers of herbs 7 years ago.  The pressures of being a youth, along with the loss of her father became all encompassing.  Driving her into a deep illness so great she had to put herself on heavy psychotropic medication.  During these years her health depleted.  She did what was always advised: therapy + your Pills.  But she began to feel her inner fire fade.  In need for change, she detoxed herself from all to start over. Fresh.  Like rising from the mud.  Using Earth's medicine to remedy any of her ailments, mental or physical. Seven years later, she continues to allow the medicine to heal her, and guide her in her healing work.  She has created an Ancestral practice centered around healing through herbs & medical astrology.