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    January 11, 2017
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
    + rsvp on facebook
    Space Ninety 8
    98 N 6th St
    Brooklyn, NY 11249 United States
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    Passerbuys × Urban Outfitters
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    Plotting your next career move but not sure what your next step should be? If you’re a young creative looking for a little guidance, Passerbuys wants you to come hang with us for a night! We got together with a few of our inspiring friends - all of whom have been where you are now - to plan a special panel discussion just for you. At “I Graduated, What Now?,” our panelists will be sharing their real experiences and the advice they wish they had been given when they first started out.

    Moderated by Erin Allweiss - founder of No. 29.

    Featuring Panelists:

    • Shydeia Caldwell of Black Girl Magik
    • Susan Alexandra of Susan Alexandra
    • Grace Miceli of Art Baby Gallery
    • Janine Lee of Floss Gloss Ltd
    • Ellen Von Dusen of DUSEN DUSEN
    • Christina Coleman of Essence
    • Rachel Howe of Small Spells