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    February 28
    9:00 pm - 11:59 pm
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    199 Cook Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11206 United States
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    BGM × BUFU
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    A post shared by BUFU (@bufu_byusforus) on

    In light and love amidst Black History Month, Black Girl Magik & BUFU are so excited to introduce the “Black Legacy Dinner." As we are continually inspired by the work and presence of honored guests and our ancestors, it is clear to us the need to come together as a community, convene, and celebrate our brilliant Black contemporaries - as well as call in those who came before us. Our plan is for this dinner to be one part, a cute turn up with our faves for our faves. There will be a community altar and a moment to share a little bit about these ancestors together.

    It is sure to be a beautiful evening.
    ♥ So please bring yourself,
    ♥ a love,
    ♥ an ancestor,
    ♥ and a yummy dish.

    Black Legacy Fund: A percentage of funds will go to black artists and innovators seeking to transform for our community. The submission process will go live in the coming days. Committee will be formed by event organizers and black legacy honored guests.