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    Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones and Melat Seyoum Public


    Date & Time
    September 30, 2018, 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm
    New Women Space
    188 Woodpoint Rd
    Brooklyn, NY 11211 United States
    Can't attend but would still like to support? Make a monetary donation to help sustain our programming.

    Throw the Coins: Black Queer Femme Celebration

    This event is centering Black Queer Femmes, however is open to the public!

    This PARTY is a coming together, celebration, and fundraiser! Come join us for:

    • A celebration of two Black Queer Radical Femmes Birthdays (Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones & Melat Seyoum)
    • A celebration of Black Queer Femme Joy after the March for Black Women!
    • Helping us raise funds for the upcoming Black Queer Families Tour. This tour is bringing together four dope Black Queer creatives to share a narrative about the necessity of (re)creating black families out of radical queer love. It is an action of sharing our personal narratives through our various art forms while connecting with other black queer fam to build and document queer black family stories who are also doing dope things in their community.

    YOU DONT WANT TO MISS THIS AMAZING DAY! Come ready to DANCE, Hangout, & be in beautiful company!

    DJ FLWRSHRK will be DJing this Party!
    Suggested Donation $5.

    about the organizers

    Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones

    Cheyenne Wyzzard-Jones is the Founder of Resistance Education. She is a Black Femme Ratchademic (ratchet academic) Community Educator. She holds a B.A. in International Development & Social Change (focused on education & gender) from Clark University and an M.A. in Comparative and International Education (focused on curriculum development) from Teachers College, Columbia University. Her mission is centered on disrupting colonial legacies of education that mask itself in the name of development, specifically in communities of color. She uses poetry, hip-hop, and other forms of art to create and implement anticolonial black/ muxerista/ transnational/ indigenous feminist curriculum for black and brown youth. Creating spaces for women/femmes/gnc people of color to heal, unlearn to relearn, and create is also the continued work her ancestors called her to do.

    She is Co-Founder of Women of Color in Solidarity, a collective of bad ass women/femmes/gnc people of color who are healing, educating, lifting, and resisting together as women/femmes of color.

    Mélat Seyoum

    Mélat Seyoum is a full-spectrum doula, cartographer, visual storyteller and techie currently based in Brooklyn, New York by way of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her practice is rooted in an ethos of love and compassionate caregiving, guided by the spirits of her Ethiopian cultural ancestry.

    Mélat completed her training as a certified full-spectrum doula and midwifery assistant through Ancient Song. She is also a Lactation Counselor with experience in prenatal nutrition and herbal medicine. Her practice is centered on a desire to provide pathways to safe, meaningful and empowering pregnancy experiences. Mélat has attended births in homes, hospitals and birthing centers. She embraces holistic wellness and healing that connects mind, body, and spirit.

    As a freelance GIS Analyst/Developer, Mélat spends much of her time bringing stories to life through maps. With expertise in GIS, remote sensing and data visualization, she offers consulting services to startups, small business and nonprofits. She also facilitates community tech workshops focused on dismantling the global digital divide through subversive cartographies and critical pedagogy. Mélat believes that the revolution will be digitized and builds technology integration models for resilience and liberation.

    Transcending Time

    “Transcending Time” is a voyage into a future where Black identity is unfettered by a predetermined architecture. It is a visualization exercise exploring the texture, pattern, sound and rhythm of Black possibility. Who do we become when healing from trauma is decentralized? We are creating a ceremony of self-authorization. We are giving ourselves permission to reimagine what was, what is and what can be.

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    Resident DJ: Sunny Cheeba

    vol. i — Celestial Hues

    Resident DJ: Sunny Cheeba

    vol. ii — Phoenix Rising

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    Transcending Time
    Reclaiming Pleasure
    Returning Home

    Reclaiming Pleasure

    "Reclaiming Pleasure" is the assertion of sexual power, alongside a period of recovery. It is a Black woman finding strength in her sensuality and grounding autonomy in the realms of pleasure and desire. It is the rejection of standards set on our ancestors and the distinction between agency and objectification.

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    Resident DJ: Alfafa Brown

    vol. i — Trunode

    Resident DJ: ON MOMMAS

    vol. ii — In Practice of Being

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    Transcending Time
    Reclaiming Pleasure
    Returning Home

    Returning Home

    “Returning Home” is an exploration back to lands, rituals and traditions that we have always known. It is voyaging and feeling at home as soon as you step foot on the ground. It is hearing music and your soul perceiving the frequencies. It is seeing a familiar face and knowing that somehow you have met before. “Returning Home” is a return to self.

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    Resident DJ: Poetic

    vol. i — Coming Home

    Resident DJ: Diva

    vol. ii — Congo Calypso

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    Transcending Time
    Reclaiming Pleasure
    Returning Home