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    BGM × Girlboss Panels, Lectures, Workshops

    Panels, Lectures, Workshops

    Date & Time
    November 17, 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
    The Knockdown Center
    52-19 Flushing Ave
    Queens, NY 11378 United States
    Can't attend but would still like to support? Make a monetary donation to help sustain our programming.

    Normally, that phrase makes us cringe. But in this setting, we'll accept it. Let's take a beat and truly relax. With some help from an ayurvedit healer, a bit of guided meditation, and a sound bath, we're creating a peaceful space to truly heal and rest.

    Part of The Girlboss Rally"Part conference part experiential inspiration wonderland, the Girlboss Rally has taken the tired conference world by storm, creating a space for the next generation of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and thought leaders to meet, hatch plans, and thrive together."

    Photo of Brittany Jospehina taken at Girlboss Rally

    about the speakers

    Brittany Jospehina

    Life Coach and Botanical Designer, HR Director of BGM

    Brittany Josephina is a life coach and botanical designer on a mission to make self-actualization doable. Uniting her diverse education in psychology, flower essence and reiki, she takes clients on a journey to remembering the language of the inner spirit and helps them cultivate self-care toolboxes to navigate daily living. She works with the healing properties of plants, flowers and herbs to reroot back to one's truest self.

    Jerico Mandybur

    Editorial Director, Girlboss

    Jerico Mandybur is a writer and the editorial director of Girlboss and the host of Self Service, a podcast presented by Girlboss Radio. She’s previously led digital editorial operations at sites and TV networks like Mashable, NITV, MTV, ASOS and more. Before that, she edited fashion magazines based out of Sydney.


    Founder, Wolf Medicine Magic

    Regina grew up in a small town in Texas and moved to Brooklyn, NY in 2004. She spent most of her life dancing–pursuing both a BFA (2004) and MFA (2006) in dance before switching careers towards a devoted spiritual practice. In 2014 she received a certification in Ayurveda from the Kripalu School of Ayurveda and has since gone on to become a 500 hr yoga teacher, barre fitness instructor and Breathwork healer.

    Disconnecting to Reconnect

    The Black Girl Magik collective supports each member in her healing journeys through our annual self-care break. During this time we disconnect from social media to the capacity our programming allows, the internet and other distractions to further reconnect with ourselves. Additionally, we take this time to re-engage with the mission of the collective and to return the root of what it means to organize and build collectively. We are now considering what this self-care break can look like when we invite transparency into our restoration process, and engage our community through physical programming.

    The main goal of our residency with Powrplnt is to provide resources for women of color to engage in restoration and healing and to define self-care on their terms. We aim to: 1) conjure the capacity to center the resilience of women of color; 2) provide resources for women of color to engage in restoration and healing with us, and to define self-care on their terms; 3) host programming, open studios and discussions for and with the community.

    Healing is a journey and we are honoring this journey as a collective by disconnecting from social media, the internet and other distractions to further reconnect with ourselves. We invite you to join us and can’t wait to share how you can meet us IRL.

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    Reclaiming Pleasure
    Returning Home

    Reclaiming Pleasure

    "Reclaiming Pleasure" is the assertion of sexual power, alongside a period of recovery. It is a Black woman finding strength in her sensuality and grounding autonomy in the realms of pleasure and desire. It is the rejection of standards set on our ancestors and the distinction between agency and objectification.

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    Resident DJ: Alfafa Brown

    vol. i — Trunode

    Resident DJ: ON MOMMAS

    vol. ii — In Practice of Being

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    Reclaiming Pleasure
    Returning Home

    Returning Home

    “Returning Home” is an exploration back to lands, rituals and traditions that we have always known. It is voyaging and feeling at home as soon as you step foot on the ground. It is hearing music and your soul perceiving the frequencies. It is seeing a familiar face and knowing that somehow you have met before. “Returning Home” is a return to self.

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    Resident DJ: Poetic

    vol. i — Coming Home

    Resident DJ: Diva

    vol. ii — Congo Calypso

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    Reclaiming Pleasure
    Returning Home