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    vol. i

    Reclaiming Pleasure

    — vol. i

    Acknowledgment of the trauma associated with Black women’s sexuality and determination to move forward.


    Visual · August 26, 2018

    Natural in Nature

    Maureen speaks about the struggle of watching her body change and having to relearn how to love her new curves. It is one thing to learn love for your body with disregard for other’s opinions, but to also feel that confidence in a sexual context, when you want to be desired by another, can be extremely difficult and a lifelong process.

    When did you come to take ownership of your body as a woman?


    "Honestly, I took ownership of my body around the age of 30. There was an extra jiggle in my thighs. My stomach got softer, my hips got wider, and my boobs got bigger. I had to learn to love myself and my new body, which meant learning to fall in love with myself (again). I started looking in the mirror at myself everyday….sometimes for an hour and just write down the the things I like about myself. I became sensual, sexual and kind to myself. I explore my body. I realize as I become vulnerable to myself, I become freer."

    Model: Maureen Nicol (@williethewayfarer)

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    As told by

    Nora Rosenberg

    Nora Rosenberg is an analog photographer based in Austin, TX whose focus is on normalizing bodies and nudity in order to decrease the over-sexualization and lack of body autonomy experienced by femmes.